Boom & a comic you should read :)

for work.... I have no idea how long it took to make it. again it's just a detail but I love how that part turned out. Nearly done with 50% of the first work-part and the more I work on those the more excited I am.

And now the goodie part:
Some people might still know "Aishite Knight" (in Germany the anime series was streamed as "Rock'n Roll Kids"). :) I recently found the books and after thinking about it I instantly bought those. Good old times when TV was good and didn't show series just made to sell products.

The books are quite thick which means for only 9 Euros you'll get over 300 pages including two color pages and a really fancy cover I'll write some more about later. :D Anyways, the whole series is completed in 4 books. The only (possibly) bad thing is: it's in French. I have to admit my French was never close to being perfect and I've been out of school for over.. uh... 8 years now (omg...).
It doesn't mean you have to be scared. My french was "enough" to get through the books without too many question marks over my head and though I didn't get every single word it wasn't too bad.
Honestly I think I spend more time reading those than with any other book I read. ^^;
The story is basically the same as in the anime and I was excited to see Shella and his group again and of course Guiliano. Man, how I love the cat!
The style is quite old-fashioned but alas, the series IS old. But I have to admit that the quality of the pages is much better than I expected. Though stumbling over some odd mistakes no editor would forgive nowadays it's fluently and I enjoyed the different faces a lot. Kaoru Tada had the -also nowadays very rare- gift to make every character 100%ly unique and just for that the books are worth... the French. :)
What I was suprised about was the cover. It SPARKLES. A lot. It's impossible to take a picture of it but every cover is partially coated with glittering varnish and it's oddly veryyyyy cool. One thing I love about the French publications is that the publisher tend to make those worth everything. I wish some German publishers would do that as well. I still want a sparkle cover for Kulla. Really >_<

Anyways, "Aishite Knight" is published by Tonkam and can be found easily via Amazon. I hope some hearts will flutter now. Hurry and get yours! :)


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Mac "moriarty" O'neill said...

Og god I loved this serie when I was a kid !!!

I france it was named : lucille amour et rock & roll