first auction phase is over & keeping short

... it was epic. I know the last minutes of an ebay auction are the most exciting but this rocked so much. I'm already looking forward to phase 2 and the final phase in 9 days.
I'm a bit very proud my illustrations did so well. And I hope the last two will do equally good.

The last two items can be found here and here. Both look much better in real life O_o

Since April's already rushing to the final days I decided to finish my new story. I really wanted to keep short but it's quite impossible. If you're used to 6 panels and have blank pages again it's like "I can write as much as I want".
And I already fear the point where my editor takes the red marker and erases all those funny little details I spend so much time on. Doh...
Anyways, I want to start getting my canvases out again, mess around with colors and mix my basic colors in jars. We collected so many, they scream for being used.

And I really started missing the fine texture of linen canvas and the feeling of scrubbing the color into it with a Morani brush. Nothing's better than finally getting a color right and having the final illustration finished. It's different from digital art and quite addictive and yes, I still worship acrylics.

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