Cats... again.. of course :3

Today we finally did the new kitteh-safe window in the bedroom. It's getting hotter and since the sun tends to fry us in the morning we have to open a window. Which was impossible without having everything kitteh-safe. I really don't want see my cats jumping down. O_o
Tretel looked like saying "Excellent, minion!"
Normally all I see of the cat is that: 
And normally I wouldn't sit on the bed before doing a double check with often results in seeing:
 Miss Hantje posing.... very rare.
 Kitteh Paw. She has that funny long hair poking out. Nyaaa...
one of those mug-shots i normally get... =.=
And Tretel being very pleased with the new HD birdie TV.

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Mac "moriarty" O'neill said...

I lost one of my cat that way ... He jumped from the balcony ( & I live on the 7th floor ) ... He died short after from an internal bleeding

so you're absolutly right , iit's safer that way :)