huge TOKYOPOP auction for Japan

My publisher Tokyopop (Germany) started a huge auction. All proceeds will help Japan- which is why I donated some of my favourite artworks on canvas done for the Kulla series (for those who asked: working on book 4 right now :) ). All canvases are signed. If anybody is interested in which book those can be found let me know.

***Official text***
The staff of TOKYPOP as well as all our authors and artists have been deeply saddened by the recent events in Japan. The earthquake and ensuing flood have cost many people their lives and left many more homeless.

We also want to do something to help the people of Japan. Our artists Anike Hage, Anna Hollmann, Anne Pätzke, Asa Eckström, David Füleki, Inga Steinmetz, Marie Sann, Mikiko Ponczeck, Natalia Batista, Natalie Wormsbecher and Reyhan Yildirim have expressed their wish to auction signed originals of their work for the good cause. Akira Toriyama, the artist behind Dragon Ball, has also kindly allowed us to include an original drawing from 2002 in the auction. Plus, we will be auctioning prized display pieces from past conventions and book fairs, which we have often received requests for.

All proceeds from these auctions will go to the German aid association Aktion Deutschland Hilft. In this way, we hope to make a small contribution toward helping victims of the earthquake catastrophe rebuild their lives.

List of all artworks available

Link to the eBay Store

Link to the (German) Website Gemeinsam für Japan

First Auction starts at 18:00  (MEZ) on Monday, the 18.04.

Next to the awesome news that you can bid on original artwork of myself *hehe* the biggest whoa might be he fact that you can get one of the original drawings of Toriyama-san!

I cross my fingers and hope my canvases will find a new home. Anne

Questions? Shoot!

If anybody wants to spread news and help copy the official text into your journal.

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