Chubs For Droid :D

shameless advertising >_<
We finally started uploading the first Chubbanimal Live Wallpaper. Actually it won't be the last if people love those. Jason and I have been working quite a while on new ones but the more we do the longer it takes since the concepts get bigger and bigger and oh well... bigger.
Anyways, I'm happy with the outcome and I had Bao on my own droid for a while and it's so cute when he's following you touches.
The LWP can be downloaded for free here
and the Donation Version here

Still working on nerd-stuff at the moment for Schmidt Spiele. It's a challenge but I'm still excited about the whole thing. Maybe because it's so very not cute.


Anonymous said...

OMG how CUTE! Read it, loaded it. LOVE it. tweeted it. Thank you! <3

Mariann said...

OMG thats amazing ! I love it!
Thanks for being my inspiration!
I finally started to produce my own design and have already ordered cups and soon button prints of it :-D

Can I ask you, the measurements you used for this product?