Kitten- belated happy 1st b-day

 Both are still trying to squeeze into the little bed. I have no idea how long they'll be able to manage it. Tretel is still getting a little too big for snuggling. If he stretches out he fills out the whole bed.
Hantje and Tretel turned 1 on the 13th and I still wonder how big Tretel will get since he's growing and growing and growing... and doesn't seem to stop.
 ... nose still getting a bit lighter and thanks god his eyes stay the color they are now. I love those! Hantje sticks to amber with a little bit green. she looks all camouflage on the floor.
... and since it gets warmer that's the main hobby at the moment. Slumping down on one of the 4 floors of the kitteh post. Sad news is that their mother died :( It seems she just had too many babies (and I guess she couldn't compensate via cheap supermarket food or whatever she got).


lalyck said...

oooooooooh how cute they are *-*

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to both of them!!

Zeitwolf said...

Happy Birthday Tröten!