Happy New Year!

Before it's too late and I know I will spend tomorrow with swimming *yowzaa* and eating (honestly the swimming is just an excuse for the overboarding dinner) I hope everybody has a wonderful New Year's eve and can spend the time with sombody (or a whole bunch of people) you're close to.

Here the terror of fireworks and happy kids making a lot of kaboom has already begun (two days ago....) and sometimes it sounds like we live in war-zone. Actually we do since I live on the border to Neukölln and gosh, the district gets crazy with fireworks and basically everything making a lot of noise.

Happy New Year and make some good New Year's resolutions you can keep and motivate you. I already have three big ones and I'm willing to do (mostly) everything to stick to them and achieve my goals.

Looking back this year was crazy... and I wouldn't have changed one minute.

Let's rock 2013! :D

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Celia said...

Ich wünsch dir auch nen guten Rutsch und ich freu mich das dein vergangenes Jahr so gut für dich war. :)