Tetris cat 2

I'd wish I had anything else to blog about but the exciting stuff comes out in October and January so... cat pics till your eyes bleed.

around 10:00 in the morning.... tetris cat 2.0- the "I iz dead"-position

1 hour later.... slowly crawling along on the floor. I still don't understand his need to lie on his back and why he keeps hogging chair legs. Normally I find him in exactly *that* position on his back... facing the wall. Strange cat is strange.
Hantje seriously doesn't care.
He doesn't even care if I walk around taking pics. I even poked him with my feet twice. Utterly igorant with zero reaction. Oh well...

I have to finish some things today and hope we won't melt away. Ty said it will be the hottest week-end and all I can think of is that I need to work, drown in coffee and maybe enjoy some balcony time in the evening.

I'm totally looking forward to starting my vacation in 1 week. :D It's nothing special but I want to make the most out of it which means lotsa napping, skating in the middle of the week *luxury!* and visit family (at least the part that's in Germany right now).

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sunshishi said...

Die Katzen sind sooo süß^^
Ich hoffe echt, du konntest arbeiten, bei der Hitze... v.v''