Squishy Han

 It's time for figs again. I love them! Especially the ripe ones you can barely cut because it's just all melting away. Yummy!
 Squishy Hantje is squishy. I replaced her kitteh bed with another one that's normally on the TV-set (in winter it's really warm and she hogs it all the time). Good thing for her: Tretel is too fat big to fit in. She's really content. I guess it's the feeling of being totally wrapped in soft cushion fluff.
... successfully squished!


sunshishi said...

Squishy cats are cute XD

Aleksandra Chabros (aka Adelaida) said...

How can one not be motivated to work when having such a cute companion :)

On the other hand... sleeping in warm places seems to be a nice thing to do ;)