HARD work

Sometimes it's really funny how much effort you have to put in making something look... like this. These two fellows are 2 of ... I forgot how many (something over 30) illustrations I did for "Zebra-Schwein" and probably the most hilarious ones.
The whacko pig even got to be the cover piggie. Very impressive- I know. ;)

I think I'd even put those into my portfolio just to show how much effort I can put in doing no details, no shading, no... everything. I guess everybody who's into "oh here a stroke and there a stroke... and some thousand more" knows how hard it can be to make something NOT perfect.
I like the ----------- (that was Hantje stomping around on my keyboard) two nevertheless. Quite the biggest challenge.

I try to collect all the doodles and process sketches I had to do for Boom Boom Ballon. Finding the final form of the birdies was a long road and I hope it might be interesting for some people to see that most of the times it's worth the effort to do some many different concepts to find the very final shape.

I hope I still have those... somewhere.

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Aleksandra Chabros (aka Adelaida) said...

Will you show those concept sketches and the way they have evolved? :)