Pillows, Cats and appreciation wall

 Pillow cases from my artofwhere store and Hantje. She's 2 1/2 years old.... oddly she looks a lot like the comic Patches O.o
 Tidied my workspace...
 ... and the other one as well. The canvas is something I wanted to finish for ages for my parents. I hope I can make it till christmas.
The white gap inbetween is where my KitKat clock normally creeps out guests. I had to take it down since the battery needs to be recharged. Otherwise I added some more of the gifts I got by Lew, Saskia, Dheny, YueYuki, Irene, Eick, Christina and IreneShpak. 2 still need to be framed but I always forgot to buy big frames. Did I mention I love those? :3 Did I ever mention I wouldn't mind getting more? >_<

I'm still sneezing and the flue wasn't something I totally longed for but I hope next week I'm back at the drawing table. Tons to finish before the cons in Essen and Berlin start.


Zeitwolf said...

I'm totally overrepresented ^^;

Get well soon!

dheny said...

Falsch gepostet ;)

Ich freu mich auch schon total auf die Spiele Messe :)