Always one step ahead

Today my parents, Ty and me went to the Berlin Aquarium. It's beautiful. Too many people watching the aquatic life only through a camera or even ipad viewfinder (honestly... wtf!) but I enjoyed it a lot. The longer I have my own little aquarium the more I can appreciate the effort they made with this huge and beautiful and just awesome displays.
We only made it up to the turtles (2nd floor) since my mum's still struggling to walk and I was exhausted after 2 hours as well not to mention Ty was still coughing like hell and my dad is in rehab (heart issues). We were quite a pack of invalids today but nevertheless it was fun and I'm grateful I still can have those kids-parents days as a grown-up.

I didn't quite manage to take nice pics but whenever you happen to be in Berlin, visit the Aquarium connected to the Zoo. You won't regret it.

What I appreciate most is how creative and just etheral some of the fauna can be (flora as well... sea flora is just wow) and that whenever you think you created the most beautiful design ever you see those delicate jellyfishes and weird crazy but awesome intricate forms you see: Nature is always one step ahead.
Whatever you draw... nature was more creative. Dang! XD But it's so inspiring. I love going there just to recharge my creative batteries and get new ideas.
I hope I can visit again this year. Probably at an unholy time with less tourist hords stomping through with too many flashes and cameres and ipads and... no appreciation at all.


Zeitwolf said...

sea flora consists mostly of tiny algae and huge algae or did I miss something? but still pretty amazin, of course!

trenchmaker said...

Postelsia- also algae but effin impressive! mimimi. Ich hasse die Algen in meinem Aquarium aber bestes Fresschen wo gibt für Hildegard und Co.