Chillin' Tretel

When I did my Christmas illustration somebody complained that Kiki's pose is absolutely impossibe. Actually... it's just what I see every day. Tretel loves to sit like that *everywhere*.
TV -dangling paws in front-, couch, table, kitchen, tub, toilet, cat post, cat post II, cupboard, 2.25 m cupboard top. He just does. And I often wonder if it's really so comfortable but since he keeps doing it I guess it is. Somehow.

If there was a competetition about doing whacko posing he'd totally win it.


Zeitwolf said...

*trödel fangirl kreischen*

Anonymous said...

Meine eine Mietz macht das aber auch tagtäglich. Ist vielleicht sowas wie Katzenyoga? *g*

Anonymous said...

..wie man auch sehr gut an meinem Icon sehen kann *gg*

Happy Lisa said...

I had a cat who did that too! Although the funniest is when she was in a pet bed with a raised wall around it, she would stick her arms out over the wall, well above her head...never figured out how she was comfortable like that.

The Dangle Cat said...

A fellow dangling cat.. good to know I'm not alone..