Bumm Bumm Ballon!

 Yay! One of my highlights this year -jobwise- because that game is effin fun!

Actually the game will be available in other countries as well but with a different cover, packaging and not our awesome manual (the manual is really awesome, me so proud!).

In Germany you'll be able to get it directly at the SPIEL in Essen (I cross my fingers for it- at least) or regular in stores.
Publisher: Schmidt Spiele
rating: Awesome! Get it as soon as it is out!

On Amazon Germany

It's kinda awesome how simple the packaging looks when you know how many hours I actually put into that thing. O.o we're still mulling over some additional things but basically I'll be happy to watch people test it in Essen :B And yes.... Ty and me will be there (whoot!).

How it works?