New Stuff!

Actually only one photo (thanks to the very lovely Stumdaemonin on Deviantart)
How freakin cute is that?! The motive fits so perfectly on the pillow case I can't believe it! I know I shouldn't freak out over one of my own motives but it's just so cool seeing those as actual products and huggable fluffy pillows. *can't get over it*
There are tons of new things in my ArtofWhere-shop which you can find here:
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As always: If you have any questions regarding shipping yaddayadda use the help form on the page. Kate and Joey who run the show can help you if you take your time to ask them and they are nice and won't bite. :3

I started skating again after a decade of absence (yes... TEN years... how could I?!) and it felt so good. I used to skate 3-4 hours in a row and now getting back into it feels like coming home and totally new at the same time. In ten years so many things changed and I'm a tad more scared to break any body parts I might need for work (like arms, head and neck... who cares for legs).
Berlin has some pretty neat routes for bikers and skaters only and all the 6km+ will be mine O_O

If you have the option to get outside and stretch those stiff necks after a long day at the drawing table: do it.
Trust me, working all day and not doing anything for your muscles won't do anything good. I know what I'm talking about =.=


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Narg, falsches Bild verlinkt...also nochmal:

Dann schließ ich mich doch glatt mal an, was die Kissenfotos angeht. Ich hab nen grünen Prinzen im Bett seit 3 Wochen :D


So, nu stimmts.

trenchmaker said...

@Aria oh wie cool! Danke für das Foto, da hüpft mein Herz vor Freude!

Alexandra Marie said...

awww super cute ! :)

Alexandra Marie

Jemo Kohiri said...

holy shit, this is so sweat.
i love it.