... my own idealism is totally not cooperating with healthy common sense.
.... painting size... and final size (actually you see a bit more but ... you get the point). I know it's an idiotic obsession with details but.. but... but. It's DETAILS!

Some thoughts on details: I have to admit I hated painting details. I can't kid myself when I say I loved painting those 2 years ago. I hated it from the bottom of my heart.

It changed a lot and in two years I realized that it's a good practice like yoga. The longer you meditate over something and keep your inner demons at bay when all you want to do is scream and yank the computer off the table and throw it out the bloody window... the calmer you can get.
A lot of things stress me still now (like setting up the working color scheme and god, sometimes it's really hard- especially if the colors are not in my usual comfort zone) but details don't stress me anymore.

It's something I learned to love and I'm quite grateful for every job I got with tons of details because it meant I had to face my inner demons. A lot of artists neglect it and stick to their comfort zones, colors they love, lack of details blabla endless list. I understand sometimes it can be called "style" but normally I see it as a bad habit and no craving to take your art to another level if you keep doing only things your 100%ly sure you actually CAN do.

I am not fond of radical changes but whenever I can stuff something into my style and it's a good add-on and no distraction or harsh change my votes are totally up for searching and sticking to them... and searching for the next one.

What's your thoughts on the topic? Are you more of the "I against I" or "no need to change" type?


Irene Bressel said...

Kann mir ein Grinsen nciht sooo ganz verkneifen *g*. Needs moar details :P

Maya said...

Von deinem Detailidealismus könntest du mir gerne was abgeben ;)

Aber mit viel Liebe zum Detail ist ja nicht nur schlecht ;)

Liebe Grüße!

Aleksandra Chabros (aka Adelaida) said...

You're right with this patience thing - it works for me too.
Some time ago I pushed myself to make sketches for every single piece I'm about to draw/paint, even if it's a tiny one. I felt pain while doing them (because "uh, my idea is so clear in my head, I do not need to draw those silly little sketches, no no no") but now I can see that this addition to my working process has changed a lot. And it feels so good to work on an idea more and more, till it's made of pure gold ^^

Rositsa Zaharieva said...

I'm one of those who really really want to perfect their painting skills but lack the patience to dive deeper into details.. I usually rush off to finish the painting only to find out later that it could have been done better.. I'll need to push myself harder next time and every time in the future if I want to improve my skills!