Happy anniversary.... kinda

I totally forgot... no wait... actually I didn't- I just had no idea what to write (the part I DID write came of like "evil customers from hell"- something I spare you, myself and the evil customers of doom).

8 years freelancing and still rollin'! Rollin better than ever but the downside is that my old bones need regular sleep now... and tons of sport. Something that was questionable 8 years ago. I could go 48 hours without sleep- though I remember I happened to look like a squirrel on drugs afterwards- and work my ass off but maybe it's not so bad that I crave at least 6h a day and actually get those.

I have no idea if anybody is interested in 8-years-old wisdom.If yes, drop me a line and let me know what you're eager to know.

I'm curious about the next 8 years. It's been a lot of up and down for me- sometimes I think the inner struggle never stops but maybe it's good and it means progress and that's something... I never want to stop.

You still remember your first computer? I started with Paint (PIXEL.. huge, chunky PIXEL...) and Norton Commander on a very old mule. I still used floppy disks (if you wonder, a floppy disk looks like THIS .. the left one... Yes, the HUGE one XD ) and datasettes. That feels like 1 Million years away but actually it's not. )I'm happy my equipment improved over 2 decades... btw...)
Remember when you had to dial up for internet access and it basically sounded like entering the matrix or destroying an R2D2 slowly? Whoa...I feel so old school just because that was my childhood/youth. O_O


Celia said...

Ohja, Datasetten waren TOLL !!!
Fühl dich nicht alt Anne den das bist du garnicht. ;)

Happy anniversary to your freelancing :D

Aleksandra Chabros (aka Adelaida) said...

Just a thought - could you show the first illustration/project you did digitally? :D

As you have always been my inspiration (and I'm your secret padawan in learning the arts of cute illustration) then please tell me:

- how much time passed before you were sure you want to stay freelance and before it looked like a good place to stay in?

- would it be possible to be where you are right now without dedicating your time that much (sleepless nights, constant working during day, maybe even concentrating only on work and abandoning everything else)?

- who and what helped you the most?

Please feel free to write A LOT! I think many people would like to know that ^^

Vicky Jean-Louis said...

Oh my gosh!! Congrats to you!
8 years, while many of us are just wishing/dreaming of leaving our day job to be full time freelancers. It's a big achievement! So high five from Canada!!!
Adelaida has good questions! Feel free to write A LOT!! ;)
Also your first digital project would be nice!!
And keep on creating beautiful and inspiring illustrations, we all enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Wui, Glückwunsch! :D

Oh, und jetzt fühl ich mich ziemlich jung, weil ich Datasetten nicht kenne und auch "nur" die kleinen Disketten ;D

Remember when you had to dial up for internet access and it basically sounded like entering the matrix or destroying an R2D2 slowly? Oh ja, das klang wie ein verdammter Exorzismus! :O Und man hat das Geräusch immer mitgemacht, während man darauf gewartet hat, dass es sich verbunden hat XD