Of course it HAD to happen. Normally I live in my happy good karma bubble but of course that ends apruptly when one things goes totally wrong. And another follows... and than the next.

My computer decided to crash again on friday. I started... he loaded and died.
Rahhh!!! How can you do that now that I have to finish the illustrations for my book. WHHHYYY?! Last time the same thing happened. Exactly. I had a deadline and the computer crashed. Unbelievable. I should say: "Well, no problem, I still have my cute lil netbook" But ever tried to retouch 60x30 cm images on a netbook?
No? well, me too and I dont really want to try it. >____> man, that sucks.

The only good thing is that my parents called yesterday. Those two are freaks when it comes to driving around in Europe (and not telling me.... ) making a trip to I-can´t-remember-maybe-italy-or-sweden-or-who-knows-they-didn´t-tell-me-sorry. I called them like ten millions times and nobody answered. Its bad if things twist up when you get older. When I was younger my mum always said: Call us when you get there, we wanna know that you are safe.
Now I have to remind them to call me or at least to take a mobile with them. It´s so odd.

"Hi, we just wanted to say we are close to XY now. We are a bit in a traffic jam but I think we gonna make it home around 7."
"Oh, i forgot to call you- we were in Italy. Listen, they had those cute toddler cloths and you know Erik..."
"Oh well. What can I say. We´re back?"
It´s pointless.....

Those guys... I never get it.

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