I hope I can finish this week. I tend to stick to the most hilarious colors when it comes to Bogard. It's like a craving for eye cancer.
Normally when it comes to chubs the work-flow is like that:
Step 1-2 me
Step 3: Lew
Step 4- xyendlessyelling me again

sometimes we switch 1 ;) Some people seem to have a problem with getting other people involved in their art but I think it was the best decision we ever made. I save up a lot of annoying hours. I actually don't mind paying for that help. It's kinda annoying if you meet somebody assisting artist XY and when the money question pops up you see only blank faces with question marks over their heads.

Money? For assistant jobs? Oh my gawd, ho could I actually believe somebody would like to get paid for it.
Maybe I'm too honest and like my good karma but yes, I actually believe in fair treatment.

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