Official Queen Shirt Contest!

Sylvia from Talenthouse send me the news about the shirt-contest for Queen. If you don't know Queen- baddddddd. Actually the rockband was MY teenage-band. Other girls ogled at Caught in the Act and Backstreet Boys posters. I worshipped Queen.
That's why I spread the news.

More information:

Deadline: 19th of April

Price: 1.500 USD and worldwide exposure. You might think -dammit, Anne... exposure wtf....
BUT: The sales of the shirts help all those people fighting against AIDS. Good news to raise your Karma points

Anne :)


Frau Kirschvogel said...

I LOVE "You're my best Friend" by Queen. That song makes me happy whenever I get to listen to it.

Holly said...

Thank you for sharing. This is an awesome contest!
Found it in English just now:

trenchmaker said...

@holly thanks, I corrected it :)

Katty Haven said...

I was 5-7 when I discover Queen. It was a band of my childhood. And it's still my favorite rock band!
Thank you very much for sharing the news!