See u in Kassel :3

I'll leave for Kassel tomorrow... the last con this year and I'm looking forward to come back and finish some comic pages. It's awesome, I haven't sketched that many pages for SIX years... and now everything I can think of is: XY more.. you can finish those >_< and I think those are good. Really.
Anyways, life is kinda upside down at the moment. I really want to finish the graphics for the Pong Game and the sketches for a real game you can buy and play (and burn if you like). .. no, you won't. If I get it done as I imagine it it will look good. Really... hopefully... I guess.

I hope I can finish a lot next week. Some people have been waiting for their stuff for ages. I feel bad for it but work was so exhausting I came home and literally fell asleep while falling onto the couch.

And since so many people visit my blog just because of the Art S Buck mannekins: yes, BUY THEM. They rock! ...


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Clockwork said...

Viel Spaß dann und komm gesund wieder zurück^^!