Plush Invasion

The right one arrived today... squished into my post box... but everything okay. I was so happy >_< Isn´t it cute? The left one was a gift I got at the big deviantArt Meeting in Berlin... it´s so fuzzy :3

This one is still in the box. See the awesome work here. I can´t even describe how fine and beautiful the thing is in real. One reason why I HAD to order some glass doors for the next cup-board. Would be a shame if a cat (or nephew) destroyed it @_@

The artist and a bigger image can be found here. Irene was so nice to send it to me and I was like "oh my gawd.. .she works so neat" (I don´t... and I would never paint on paper... but she did and it is great!). I still need a frame for it but I couldn´t find any fitting one in Ikea which means this week I have to look at the normal photo store. I so much want to put it on my "Wall of Fame"

I still need to send out the books for the contest. Why I haven´t done it? Because one was missing. I don´t even have one left... all gone. No idea why... so I had to order two. The books will leave on Friday. @_@


shahi belle said...

Awwwwwwwwwwww how cute ^^

Zeitwolf said...

Die Sachen sind alle so toll - das Filzding hat mich echt minutenlang beeindruckt, als ich es auf dA entdeckte.