Before & After

Some things change..

My desk for the last six months. I cleaned everything today, packed the acrylics back into a box, ripped off the paper, scrubbed hours to get rid of the tape-glue and threw away old jars with old color. It was kinda sad.

That´s how my table looks now. What a huge difference. I haven´t seen the glas-inlay for ages and I have no idea if I ever gonna use it before I move. Guess not. Next additional table will be one without glas-inlay since it´s odd to have one without any possibilty to use it (PC equipment will move here next week... wee!).

So... I´m still thinking about a new book project. I guess I won´t do anything for the next weeks since I´m busy with agency work (christmas... now... well... >_>; )

My fingercups tickle. Every day I don´t work I get impatient. It´s like my muses are punching me every minute forcing me to move on. "Don´t wait, do it, do it."
Normally the months after a finished book are the most productive ones for me. It´s like all ideas are finally creeping back into my head where Kulla was for six month. So much space to fill.
And still.. I´m kinda sad. Five years with Kulla left a lot of traces.
I´m curious what comes next.


Zeitwolf said...

Us is curious too!

Mensch, Anne, ich würd dich gern mal wieder sehen und quatschen :)

Viel Erfolg beim Umziehen erstmal! :)

Alice said...

Ja viel Erfolg beim Umzug, hab mir fest vorgenommen mich mal wieder mit euch zu Treffen. :)