Sunday Office Riot

**flying office chicken** (the one with the sign.. the other chick is engelszorn XD )

It´s Sunday and I´m in the office. Unkind me dragged engelszorn along since we need to get stuff done for work and as always -if you´re the first part of a very long chain- ... if you don´t get things done the others have to wait as well.
It´s annoying. I´ve been reading the same texts again and again while cutting material and sometimes the dialoges are so crappy you just want to throw everything at the author and cry: "Why´d you do that?!"
Some passages get better... some worse. But again: I love my work. ... most of the times.


Loved the book to pieces.... best choice if you like history, love and a lot of utterly disgusting medical descriptions.

I started "The Graveyard Book" (Neil Gaiman). I know you can´t trust "Best book ever" stickers but this book bugged me. I still think "Neverwhere" was one of the best. This is my personal opinion. I so much which they would make a movie out of "Neverwhere". Would be higly intersting. Combine Alice in Wonderland and Re-Cylce, shake and mix well ... man, that would be awesome.

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Sara said...

I haven't read The Graveyard Book yet, but I did like Neverwhere. There was a mini series for Neverwhere (I think made by the BBC), but I wasn't a big fan. A lot of the characters just didn't fit the images I had in my head of them. ><