Intuos... a matter of principles

weeee! My Intuous 3 arrived some days ago. It´s the same I have at work and I really love it. I just hope my second monitor arrives next week. I´m so used to work with two that it doesn´t make sense not to buy one (and since I´m going to work a lot more digital this year it´s useful).

(I should have cleaned up before taking the pic.. um...)

As you can see scrollbars are on both sides. I deactivated the left ones since I´m a left-handed person and scrolling with your amr while painting is really uncool. I use the right ones and honestly... I could go without those. Normally I work with pen +keyboard. And that´s enough.

Since my old graphire at home is okay but not that... let´s call it "perfect" as the Intuos which I have been using for 4 years now, I decided to buy a bigger one. The options where: Intuos A4 Number 3 OR 4.
When I saw the Intuos 4 I thought: "WTF?!"
Call me picky but have a look at this:

left side: The logo is on the bottom... When I said:
"I can´t use it, i´m left-handed o_o" the only answer was:
"But you can flip it, it works this way as well."

I´m not a graphic diva but for me it´s not acceptable that a left-handed person has to accept an upside down logo just because somebody decided that I´m part of a minority.
Yes, I CAN put it upside down. Of course it will work. Yes, it´s just a matter of principle.
Is it just me who thinks it´s odd?

I hope the design will be change when my new GT is broken... in some years. If the other GTs weren´t that bad I would decide to use another company´s product. I bought a classic pen as additional tool and the price was just ridiculous. 80 bucks for a pen made in China. Production price.. um.. maybe 20 Cent. The GT costs around 200 atm. See the point? It´s a bloody PEN, for 80 BUCKS! Rahh...

Only good thing I can tell you: My graphire pen plastic wrap started to crumble and harden last year. I wrote an email, attached a photo, explained the problem and got a new one. For free. Well, the service rocks. I never thought they would do it but wonders happen.

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Kabacis said...

It has a Wacom written on the both sides; Take a closer look at this pic http://gpsmurah.com/test/images/wacom-intuos4-overhead.jpg
There's no difference for right or left handed people. XD