back to childhood

I visited my family over the week-end and it was cool to be there again for some days. Went to cinema with Nata watching "Slumdog Millionaire" (which was great but I shouldn´t think about the actors and real life), went to the park with my granny and watched my nephew walking around (he´s ten months old... unbelievable).
Sometimes I think: Ah, you painted the rasberry bush exactly like this and the tomatos look like this and there are the flowers I paint so often... so many things I keep putting into my book because I´ve been knowing those things for ages. I like my parent´s house and the land they have because normally gardens are small... but this garden is HUGE.
first thing I see when I
step outside...

and second
.. "Hello, Mr Gino. Good morning! :D "

the old vine (unbelievable sweet berries in late summer and attacked by many generations of cats... and still alive)

Kiki... still snorring *hugglesherawake*

a part of the garden... before you ask, this is NOT a farm, my parents just love the garden and try to grow everything there.. *really* everything (last fail were blueberries ^^; ... but the strawberries
*__* just LOVE those *yummy* )

house, walnut-tree, vine, Mr. Gino, potatoes and a lot of SUN O_O

my epic sun-fail is a sun-burn after sitting outside for 15 minutes after lunch. 15 minutes! Rahhh! I look hilarious... all red with a white shirt "on". CRAP! >_>;


Zeitwolf said...

Ich bin ja auch auf so weitläufigen Grundstücken aufgewachsen - teilweise nicht mal mit Zaun drum, da ging der Garten dann in den Wald über. Ich vermisse das total. Ich glaube, ewig werd ich es in der Stadt, in einer "kleinen" Wohnung nicht aushalten.

Die Lupinen blühen ja schön! Und der Hund guckt so nett :)

Mensch, und ich freu mich auf das neue Kulla-Buch :3 (wollt ich mal loswerden).

Wortbestätigung: "acker" - na, wenn das nicht passt :)

草蜢Jon said...

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