Crap! ;_;

small illustrations on 20x20 canvas (mixed quality.. bad decision to mix) done for my book. And just after being happy about having done everything ... one illustration is missing. I totally forgot to do one and this is so... just odd. I didn´t get my head ripped off but it´s not the best start to plan some *free* days. I guess I will spend my saturday evening @ home instead of being with my family and PAINT. Arg... Anne, how could you do it >_< *punching myself*

So.. this might be a happy message for all those upcoming illustrators: Even pros do epic FAILS. arg.. yes, you are allowed to laugh =_=;

Anyway, mah little bunny turned 5 today. Born in Vienna, growing up in Berlin, hopefully infecting the whole world with cheerfulness and red capes.
Happy birthday, Kulla!