Paper Dreams

Paper Dreams... one of the books I waited for. Yesterday it arrived and again, since I ordered it in the UK, it had to go through the customs and was delivered in a shed paperboard package and a totally beautiful blue customs duty sack. >_>;
Ok, back to the book. It´s huge (bigger than A4, can´t squeeze it in any of my bags) and heavy (realized that yesterday while carrying it home). And it´s totally awesome and worth every Cent.

it´s 09:14 in the morning here and I just ran over the pages stopping here and there. Even if you´re not into Disney all the storyboards and concepts and color settings and interviews might be enough to love the book. It´s so interesting and as most people who suggested the book told me: "You won´t be able to learn nothing."

Alice. Totally different from everything you´ve seen on the screen and I guess that´s the most interesting part (and always the best part of the "The Art Of..." books btw): How did the characters look in the concept phase.
If I had time I would rummage through the book all day. But I have an appointment with a photographer (new author portrait... and geee, I am not the "the cam loves me-type" XD) and I still have to finish some illustrations. Crap.

Final thought: If you are into animation, Disney, concepts or just interested in spending a lot of money for a huge book: Buy it.
I just googled and saw that it´s much more cheaper on Amazon.com (listed price: 60.00, now 37.80) than Amazon.de atm. Not that I hate spending too much money on books, just a good point for those who order via .com ... here it´s already listed for 60-120 euro, so grab it while it is cheap.