(B)utterly Blue

annnnd another one. In German I would call those "Pummelfee".
Life isn't friendly at the moment. I normally am in my regular happy-mode but yesterday just SUCKED.
I lost my EC card which is one day before a fair in another town an epic catastrophy and I still have to wait five hours before I can run to the bank and see if anything's missing. IF: somebody's gonna die. I saved up money for the next months and if this happens to be evaporated... gods.

Next drama:
calibrating the new Eizo. Gods... I should have known that you need a special training to get along with your shiny new screen. Ty and I spend two hours testing, calibrating, swearing, compare and whatever.
- The sRGB mode looks plainly weird because the colors are too blueish and yellow is missing.
- Custom.... skip it... it's shitty.
- EMU.... that one looked okay (but only in Photoshop... normal screen display looks too bright). I decided for EMU.
Ty: "What is EMU?"
Me: "Eww... i have no idea. Emotikitty United???" *confuzzled*
I think we'll spend another week of testing.

I have to admit: The screen IS great. But without perfect colors as bad as any other screen.
In the end I hold a printed postcard and fine-tuned via "Looks like this".
I know this is not so professional but at midnight we gave up.

So tomorrow will start my book fair week-end with test-pages in maybe wrong colors and without an EC card. It can get only better.

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Caro said...

oh damn! this is so bad! but didn't you inactivated it after you recognized the missing? i think then you do not need to worry :)
see you at the LBM :)!!