LBM- nya, over!

... not really, my skin still feels like i turned into a mummy. O_O

a lot of people already wrote something -something true, something crazy, some lies, something funny, something odd... a lot. So i keep it short.
Thanks to all those who came. A special thanks to Judith who fed the whole team with chocolate cake (accidently but still... so yummy XD).
I think with nearly 28 i got a bit more... calm maybe? Some things like personal chaos still bugs me and I am not able to handle bad disastrous news when i'm at a fair. Totally. But the rest was okay. I am much more relaxed when it comes to younger new artists and chatting with people.

A Swedish girl -coming all the way down to Germany- really impressed me with her blunt behaviour showing her portfolio at the impossible time of nearly midnight. Some people were pissed off. I was impressed. You really have to have some nerves to dare it. Call it rude, i call it brave.

Next to that i had some nice chats with an agency and some comic sellers. I call it overall a fair i like to visit. It's not as business-like as in Frankfurt and not as nerdy as Cons tend to be.
I saw Tillman (the "Rouge-Man"), friends, fans who are so kind to say Hi every single year and it was a good opportunity to talk about .. i would bore you with details :)

My head is spinning with new ideas.

What is really impressive is that so many people tend to give side blows in their "con reports". It's like you can't freak out, snore, swear and wear weird clothes without somebody is reporting it. Sad but i guess it is like self-adulation performance with all the glory and all fails and all advices nobody wants to have. We will survive anyway, won't we?

So no advice from my side. Just a good night!

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