culinary home-coming

instead of drawing and painting i chopped, peeled, stirred and decorated the whole week-end. You can't imagine how complicated a menue for ten people can get if you mom is a cook and your granny was and you are supposed to know what the heck a barren doe is (still have to google it but i can say it's absolutely yummy... thanks god my mum won't read this).
So i decided to take care of the sweet stuff (see, it's not only my artistic carreer heading into the direction) and do panna cotta con salsa di fragole.
I love to do it because it's simple but tasty and looks fantastic. Though it got hopelessly labeld as "uh pudding with strawberry-what's-that-green-stuff-on-top?" by my lovely (culinary dead-end) sister I still like the outcome. That green stuff on top is pistachio btw.
Back to drawing... only four days left to prepare a presentation. Uh!


Hina said...

This looks yummy yummy~ *____*

Zeitwolf said...

sieht sehr lecker aus! (auch wenn ich mir den geschmack der winter-erdbeern nicht vorstellen will)

Lust auf Treffen Dienstag Mittag oder bist du voll im stress mit den messevorbereitungen?

Token (Bento-Lunch-Blog) said...

So ein süßer Blog! ^///^ Deine Bilder erweichen echt jedes Herz und die Katzen sind echt wuschig! :3 Und das Essen sieht auch echt lecker aus <3

Anonymous said...

Panna Cotta rult und geht immer. Die Erdbeer"salsa" sieht echt lecker aus ;D

BamBam said...

hehe that looks yummy! You're making me hungry! xD

Jemo Kohiri said...

i'm hungry if i see it