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Gen asked me some time ago if it was okay to use my Lucky Star Bun to get a tattoo done. Of course I said !YESSS!" but also "Take pics!" I got them today. Pretty tattoo :3 I like it and I'm proud I got under another one's skin.

Elvish text is something personal, so I don't post the translation here. Maybe gen pops up and tells herself. :) It's the firth tattoo of my chubs- hurray :D


Alkyoni said...

cool tatoo. i like it!

Anonymous said...

Hi! This is Gen! :) Thank you again for letting me use such a beautiful piece of art! I love how the tattoo artist made it look almost as "dreamy" and whimsical as the original.

The names in Elvish are a memorial to those who were close to me that have passed away. I put them in Elvish for two reasons. The first reasons is because I think Elvish script is absolutely beautiful. The second reason is I wanted it to be in a different language so people would ask me what it means. That way I can tell each story and they kind of live on through words.

The names are:
Courtland: My beautiful godson who was a stillborn.
Rose: a coworker of mine who passed away during her second round of cancer.
Linette: was my 28 year old cousin who died in a car accident while on vacation.

:) I hope you all enjoy the pictures! I enjoy looking at my tattoo every day!


grey said...

but what it means?

it;r realu nice