... and that happens if something is sold out and doesn't go into reprint... the book actually costs only 10 Euros... normally. O_O

I hope nobody actually considers paying such a -addmeanwordhere- price. A book goes into reprint if you have enough people wanting it. The best way to get a publisher reprint something is pre-ordering. I know a lot people don't think about it but it's simple math. The more pre-orders the higher the chances the new bunch of printed books gets actually sold = publisher doesn't need to worry about having a huge pile of books nobody wants. Simple, huh?
That's theoretically possible for all books if the contract is still going on, it wasn't limited, a collectors item, yaddayadda. As always the universal laws of Murphey can hit every title but generally it should be possible.

I hope everybody had a good start this year. :) I certainly had. ^_^

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