another screen of Pong

a screenshot for those who still think Photoshop = awesomeness of million layers. I paint on one. The box location is as the name says a help for finding the correct location of the boxes. One plain background-layer and the sketch layer and that's it. It doesn't make the painting any faster. Maybe even more annoying. but I think it looks homogenic afterwards.

And again I realize how different my SyncMaster and the expensive NEC monitor display the colors (btw. the much cheaper SyncMaster is better... so much for a difference of 1000 Euro in price... haha).


Anda said...

haha I always work in few layers, too. Sometimes I add a new layer when I want to do a major change but am not sure whether it will look good in the end. But, basically if I have more than 3 layers, I always mess them up because I forget to move to the appropriate layer when painting a certain "zone" (like, I paint hair on the "eyes layer" (just to give an example) and so.
So the less layers, the better haha!

Sara said...

This is gorgeous! I love getting to see you work. I feel like I learn a lot from it, so thank you for sharing!
I think the single layer makes brush strokes look so much more natural. Every time I try to work on many layers it just looks... disjointed.

Katie Adams said...

Adorable. Love the colors.