So close to finish

Those weeks... oh my. I have been doing so many illustrations for the calendar, rushing through months that my hand finally started hurting again. It's okay... means I have to take a break soon. Two and a half illustration and I'm done.
Just to have a long list waiting. Ha haaa 0_0

anyway... many people asked if I could do a tutorial (na, you don't really want to see how I work). Tutorials are kinda okay but as books tutorials won't speak and a static tutorial can't really show *how* you work just which functions you use.

I thought about doing a live-stream for the cover illustration. It's a simple illustration but I hope it shows.... that messy work leads to a result.
Good Idea? Bad idea?

Things you might learn: How NOT to paint.... how to smudge intelligent (or not... I smudge a lot and I admit it... I hate airbrush brushes but I won't paint gazillion times over the same part if it takes 3 seconds with my cloud brush... )... how to skip the idea after 3 hours and start from zero... messy sketching... chaos. Yup, generally chaos.

Seeing Kiki tomorrow :D 16,3 years and I'm still excited every time I see my dinosaurus cat. Wee! Gonna make some pics. She should be fluffy again with winter-fur allover.


Zeitwolf said...

> I thought about doing a love-stream for the cover illustration.

A love-stream would be great! XD nice typo!

Hang in there with your hand! Ganbatte!!

Sara said...

Oh my goodness, I would LOVE to see a live stream of your work. You are one of my favorite painters on the web! When I get stuck on a painting, you are one of the people who I look at to keep me going! Basically, what I am trying to say, is that it would be amazing to get to see you work all the way through an illustration.

I do hope your hand feels better! I have some tendinitis in mine as well. One thing that always helps are those microwavable stuffed pillows (or a stockinette filled with white rice). The heat makes for such a nice rest!

Mibou said...

livestream wär eine sehr gute idee. ich find es immer interessant wie andere bei ihren bilder vorgehen. =)