Royal De Luxe in Berlin

Today the Giants performance started. I couldn't see everything because I had an appointment but anyways I could take some photos of the girl coming along the street. What an event! She's so wonderful...

On Saturday the boy and the girl will meet at the "Brandenburger Tor". I'm 100%ly going to watch that.


kikiandteresa said...

i was there too.
super cool, i love royal de lux.
do you know what time starts tomorrow?

Zeitwolf said...

Hm, maybe too late to date, but I'll be there, too... although I'm a little panicked about crowds

Zeitwolf said...
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Zeitwolf said...

I think they will meet around 1500 at the Brandenburg Gate... if everything is going according to plan

source: http://www.berlin.de/kultur-und-tickets/events/riesen_route/index.php