petit dames

I really wanted to finish a lot of sketches, finish some girls and finish mostly everything flying around here but alas, short on time again.
I just started preparing stuff for the next con (Saturday-Sunday... OMG... THIS WEEK!!!) and realized that I have nothing done. Like.. zero. Arg!!!

It's kinda funny and odd that my girls will be published whereas no foreign publisher is interested in Kulla. Weird. Isn't it?

And while fuzzing over buttons, pocket mirrors, three games, one book and -feels like- millions of open commissions I wonder how it comes those Christmas chocolate Santas pop up everywhere. Is it already THAT late? I had no idea.. .somehow those months vanish and at New Years Eve I wonder: Oh... that's all?! Done? Nothing left? Wow...

Have you already started buying presents?


SemielfaMish said...

You make me wonder... are you talking about the manga&anime con in Barcelona next weekend? O_o
Surely I'm wrong, but it would be great if you were going to be there :D

Anda said...

I didn't buy any present yet, but I'm painting christmas greeting cards like crazy, and I'm as surprised as you are because it seems to be THAT late. argh too.
Hope you finish everything in time, dear :hug:

Anonymous said...

No I didn't even think of any presents yet XD;, Im late EVERY year.

Those wips look great btw! I so wanna see them colored.