Chubbible Day 8

wrong liner taken which resulted in smudged colors... urg... anyways, i love the second pose. It's so typical for young cats.

something of Bao... fuzzing with liner isn't really... possible. Will try another one tomorrow >_<

And something really sad. I got a letter yesterday from my mum. I guess it's too hard to tell something like that on the telephone -for both sides. Kiki died two days ago. After 17 years she left us. On the 25th when I was at home i had the feeling it's the last time i see her alive. And I was right. I miss her so much.
I found her and her sister when I was ten. 17 years are a long time filled with many memories. She was the most wonderful cat I ever had and I think no cat will be as cute, charming and patient as she was.
I hope she's in cat heaven now.


Zeitwolf said...

My condolence on your loss. The way you spoke of Kiki made me feel really warm (I lost my beloved dog almost two years ago).
17 years is a good age for a cat. She had a beautiful life with you and your people, she will live on beautifully in your memories

Anonymous said...

Tut mir sehr Leid, daß Deine Katze gestorben ist. Sie hatte aber bestimmt ein tolles Leben bei Dir und Deiner Familie.

Shuma said...

I'm so sorry for Kiki .. i had many cats too, they ll died and that's why i won't have others.. it make me feel too sad ! I imagine how it hard it is if you spent your childhood with that cat.. But believe me she's ok know :)

About liner.. I have the same edding one but I don't used so often : my colors are bright and it's too black , the whole drawing don't seem harmonious =/ . Did you tried it wih colored pencils ? Anyway I keep trying to find a way because as you can see my drawings
are really really unclear >.<

I also have a white edding paint marker 0.7 and it's not opaque.. Seem that the paper absorb it. I didn't found a liner in any artistic materials zone. I'll keep searching

Holly said...

I'm sorry for your loss. It's always hard to lose an animal companion.

At least she had a long happy life though! I've never had good luck with cats as they always meet an untimely demise (by fault of car or dog). :(

trenchmaker said...

@Shuma the edding 1800 should be available in Sepia as well, maybe try that one? In comination with light colors that might work better.

@Holly thanks. I get two baby kittens next year. A neighbour of my parents already promised to save those instead of drowning them :/ Pretty option: Take them or they die. Anyways, I hope those will be a good pair. Not that they can replace Kiki, but as I said.. better than drowning >_>