Chubbible Days

Christmas holidays are always great. Especially if you find some time to sketch. I did so and still do. One sketch per day (or 2 or 3)... most of those will definitely turn into digital paintings. I am sooo looking forward to start :D ... but job first :( ewwww...

Days 2 "Pinchin"

Day 3 "Hippo Diving"
... and yes i know i forgot the tail... no idea why. Maybe because my mum was trying to sort the dishes around and on my drawing stuff... arg >_<;

Day 4 "Bugged"
Cats and bugs and everything moving... normally ends bad for the bug.

Day 5 "Headstand party"

Day 6 "Kitteh Yoga poses"

24th of December: sketch time in the evening... Kiki sleeping. I really wanted to finish my sketches but she turned around too quick every time I tried.

Today: finding the (mostly) perfect wrap up for my pencils ... and a new water color box, water colors, new moleskine (because it was so perfectly grabable right in front of me), new canvases for some presents (linen of course) and ... a horrifying bill. Oh well...

I happen to like those Tombows a lot. Watercolor is fine and Tomobows won't allow you every color mixing but for quick sketches inbetween those are great.

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