christmas and moleskinned -day 1

masking fluid... don't use it that often but it's kinda nice to have the option.. although my Torchon paper doesn't really like it :/

coffee... check... watercolors... check... image.. oh noes but check...

btw the motive was requested for christmas if anybody thinks the topic is weird. Anyways, as you can see the masked space stays white. As it should have... :3

... after the third layer of sepia-orange mix... the structure is a result of coloring with a fan-brush

i really have to get back into watercolors... the only (biggest) problem is that my colors are partially 11 years old and I really want to have a 3-row metall box. :( With new colors.. ummm

finished :3 and since i have a kink for gimmicks...

... it glows in the dark. And those sparkle stars glow a lot. It's a bit complicated to make a good shot in the dark though =.=
The next two weeks I have a bit free time and got my new moleskine AND have to do some "homeworks" for chubbanimals... so every day (or so I hope) one chub-sketch.

starting with Pong... it's the original idea for the Pong mug.
Little fat critter... *poking*... hehe >_<
:::Signo pen, tombow dual brush and water-color:::

wonderful christmas to all!


Anna said...

yay for three-row boxes XD I use the space in between that's meant to be the place to put the brushes...and it's still too small -.-

Äwe said...

Wunderschöne Artworks. Masking fluid hab ich bisher noch nicht ausprobiert, aber sieht toll aus. Ich finde das verstärkt seinen Niedlichkeitsfaktor um einiges.

Deine Farben sind eh bald leer, such dir doch was schönes aus und lass dich vom christkind beschenken. Haste schon eine Farbbox in aussicht?

schöne Weihnachtenwünsch ich dir.

Shuma said...

Hey ! me again !! ^o^

It's the first time I hear ( or read ^^) about the "signo pen" .. What is it used for ?

Ps: Nyaa !! Saw your Prisma box >w< ( Did you used them is this sketch ? )

Anonymous said...

why you've removed my entry ? it's the true that the moon is crooked.

If you can't stand critic, then you are a very bad artist.

trenchmaker said...

@Dear Anonymous
Your comment was something like "Oh see, you have a mug on your table!". It's nothing critical, i KNOW that the moon is crooked because i DID it like that intentionally. What's the problem with it?!

trenchmaker said...

@Shuma I use the Signo for outlines and black n white sketches. Normally a waterproof pigment liner are fine as well but i am so fond of them that i use others only now and then. Pro Signo is that the tip is 100% steel and if you work with a lot of pressure normal liner's tips die sooner or later or vanish back into the rest of the pen head. Doesn't happen with those.
And yes, Prismas used for a little touch up at the moon and the stars. :)

Sara said...

At first, I was very, very excited, just because this is such a cute and lovely illustration - then, I was REALLY excited because it GLOWS IN THE DARK!!! Holy cow, how neat!!

Anyway, lovely work! Happy holidays! :)