Ty and I finally managed to finish (or start) to bar the balcony. Obviously curious cats would do some very bad things without a net. It took 2 days and alltogether around 11 hours. The balcony is old and has everything but a smooth surface which meant being... very creative.
 Hantje loves the new view and Tretel found out that you have excellent birdie-TV in the evening when swallos fly around.
 Longcat is long (and looks fat... though he isn't O_o)
 Hantje yesterday... unsure if she likes what she sees. Hard to please...
 Tretel yesterday... he as well didn't really know if the balcony is a good thing. At the moment he's napping in the doorway and I think they both love the additional space.
Best situation ever... cats on two legs look hilarious. No way to have grace in those moments.

Otherwise no news. Limping around, trying not to work though I have to. Having the balcony "back" offers doodling outside and that is really great (and resulted in 12 sketches already).


Mac "moriarty" O'neill said...

may I ask how did you fix the net to the balcony ?

trenchmaker said...

@Mac the net is stapled (not the small staples but the big ones) to slats. The slats are fixated with screws and anchors.
You can see one slat at the fourth pic. Luckily the slats have nearly the same egg color as the balcony.

The net is wired so no chance to chew through it (Hantje tried when she was younger... =.= ).

Mac "moriarty" O'neill said...

ok thanks for the idea

my two cats are not alowed to go on the balcony ...

Aria said...

sweet cats :3 *meow*

Leylaleya said...

Süß :D
Ich weiß noch, was das für eine Arbeit war, als wir das Netz an unseren Balkon gemacht hatten xD