need a little magic

burned my fingertip today... which makes hitting keys pretty hard and mistyping all the time. Argg...
A bit work in progress... with a chubby fairy version of Kiki requested by somebody from Deviantart.

sketched in my moleskine with blue pen (thanks to Lew!)

Lew scans it and cleans it..

 Flats... done by Lew as well (I feel pretty useless without her to be honest XD )
correction of base colors and first color blocking done... by me...

soon to be pretty without outlines. At the moment looking rather odd.
I think the best or worse part is finetuning when the details come out nice (or not) and the shapes get clear and everything looks just "right". At the moment the dress doesn't look right but it's okay... not finished and i think it's good to show the steps between messed up and "pretty" ;)

Kiki recently got a lot of very ugly and stupid outfits. The more I make the less I think she's not gonna end up in another butt-ugly costume. Alas, she wears those with grace.


bambam said...

Its very interesting to see the steps! Can't wait to see it finished. 8D

..and thats weird. Yesterday I burnt three of my fingers while taking a hot tray out of the oven (was wearing oven gloves too..) which resulted in going to bed having a wet cloth wrapped around my fingers while trying to get to sleep. xD;

dreamfactory said...

your picture makes me jealous,even though you haven´t finished it yet! awesome!

Brandon Kallmes said...

Great work! I love the step by steps, keep it up!