books n cats

Today found Tretel sleeping like this. It's not really unusal but I still think it's a bit odd that a cat loves to sleep with a blanket. Btw I didn't cover him... he managed to cuddle under it like this on his own O_o Weirdo cat is weird.
But as you can see: Blissfully happy napping time.
I'm not in the Studio this week since I woke up with a stiff neck and a back like a 90-years-old granny. I have no idea how it happens but I 100%ly don't want to experience it again. Needing help to get a sock on your foot isn't funny :((((
Lucky me I still had some unread books in my... boards (not all books... the rest is spread over the whole appartment and a second and third board on the other side...  O_o).
And if you recognize ANY book and get like "Omg, she reads THAT?!" all i can say is "Yes!"... I love all my kitschy books, comics, my happy endings and the more or less classic bores you are proud to have finished anyway. It's my daily soap dose of freak and the best way to get my brain cells to go in stand-by for a while.

Btw a lot of authors choose the future-society-Orwell-Equilibrium-youth-strategy at the moment- seems we have a new old trend. I really don't mind but after the third you sit groaning on your couch and think "it's not really that creative... doh." ("Delirium" and "Matched" fall imo into that category)