Hello Essen....

 My hubby and I... went to Essen and fangirled (I did at least) at the SPIEL. And though it was exhausting it was heaps of fun. I wish I could write a bit more about it but honestly it has to wait till the end of November when three four deadlines are over.
I should be inking for the junior scouts (deadline tomorrow) right now but at least some words:
My eyes are still bleeding from the game art work. Some were beyong awesome and I have such a huuuuggeeeeee WANT-list it's scary.

I had to post this one because the game title is simply awesome and I wonder if any other kind of lol speak will ever make it into a game title. I guess I could vote for "I can has your Karte?" for the next card game but I doubt my editor would love the idea as much as I do. Sadly.

We had free evening and watched "cloudy with occasional meatballs 2" (I loved it) and "Ender's game" (still unsure if I like the books more but it was effect galore nevertheless). When I have some time and we manage to test some of the board game we bought I'll post some more pics.
We met Dheny and his folks which was a pleasure as always.

Till next year, I guess? :)


Lazytroll said...

:) I would loved to be there guys!

Anda said...

hahaha, I know exactly what you mean with the three-four deadlines at the end of November. I'm in the same situation now, everything has to be done before Christmas :)) But being an illustrator kicks ass more than any other job so yeah... at least working is a pleasure for all those deadlines. Oh and when the payments come.. woohoo :)
Good luck with your projects!