31 since Monday....

Monday the 31 thingie happened aka me celebrating my birthday.
And since pics (even the bad ones) say more than words.... some pictures as well.
I admit I dressed like a slob (still or again or.. like always). Thanks god we have no decent dress code in the studio otherwise I'd mourn the loss of oversized knit granny cardigans and comfy sweaters. So basically dressing up was "oh look... another... sweater... again!" and at least defuzzing my head. So that's 31-years-old me... but let's move on to more important things like... food.

One of the regular birthday duties: Feeding hungry fellows aka colleagues in the Studio (and mostly everybody else as well) with Pumpkin Crumble Chia cake. Yummy. I love pumpkin season.

Working.... a lot of people told me they take a day off on their bday. Since I'm up to my neck in deadlines it would have ment sitting alone at home, playing entertainment slave for Hantje and Tretel and still working my booty off. So I went to work. And I worked. And it was okay.
Before you ask: Yes, it's Agnes' "It's so fluffy!" unicorn which I got from Irene. Normally it's humping my tea box.

 After work my hubby and me went to a nice cozy restaurant ("Kid Creole"- which I can highly recommend) and met with two of my girls. Sadly the girls are camera shy... and my hubby as well. =.= Anyway, we had Jambalaya, Gumbo and basically it was so good I was sad I when my tummy screamed "stop, we're done!"
 Maike (who's my buddy in crime for Schmidt Spiele) gave me a small but wonderful collection of yummy things meant to produce even more yummy meals. My fingers itch to test the things.
And the evening ended with happy rolling around on the couch feeling like a stranded wale on a beach- tired but happy. I can't remember the last time I ate that much. Worth every bite and if you ever get the opportunity to visit the Kid Creole: do it.

So that's it. No family party this year since I'm still trying to meet every deadline and the week-end will be workloaded up to the max. It's a bit sad but I don't regret the decision (my mum was miffed though... ouch).


Frau Kirschvogel said...

Happy belated birthday! This year, I had to work on my bday, too. Sometimes it's just like that.

Celia said...

Happy Birthday Schnecke :D

man siehst du gut und glücklich aus!

Ich möchte auch ein Agnes Einhorn :(

LIebe Grüße Celia / Alice20

Tania Sofia said...

ooooh, nachträglich alles Liebe und Gute zum Geburtstag, liebe, schöne Anne!! <3

yumkeks said...

Du darfst mich köpfen ... mich vierteilen ... mich ... keine Ahnung ... irgendwas machen T_T Ich hab tatsächlich deinen Geburtstag verpennt >_< Alles Gute nachträglich!!!! *knuddel* ^^

PS: Wann seid ihr mal in Hamburg? ;D