While cursing over stones and sandy landscapes and finally getting pretty sick of orange tones I'd like to show you these:

It's leggins with "Cloudy"- an old illustration of mine but still.... beautiful on legs. I hope I get mine in December and it's not too cold to wear these. :D

You can find all current products I offer on ArtOfWhere here: Click Me!
Let me know if you miss anything. I'll take care of it as soon as I can.

I will add some snuggly scarf designs in December when I have some more time. Currently I'm still working on one children's book (deadline next week... orz) and a manual for a board game we finished yesterday (deadline 29th.... double orz).

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Ophelia ♥ said...

Das ist so unglaublich cool!
Bedruckte Shirts und Pullis kann man ├╝berall kaufen, aber Leggings..Klasse Idee!!