How do you know it's getting cold?

Hantje's favourite place in winter: The heater. It means less warmth for us but I think she pretty much couldn't care less if the fellows are freezing or not. I still have the usual problem with the room: In summer too hot, in winter too cold. Meaing I'm sitting with one of my hubby's cardigans, wool socks, a scarf and tea and still freezing fingers here while typing. Whereas Hantje is toasted on the heater. Sometimes I wish I could curl up on the heater as well. Duh.
 And that's how I know where Hantje is.... the omnious blob. She uses the curtain as a hammock. Clever girl. I'd be really happy if she also understood the room has two doors and you don't have to mew on the closed one and scratch for hours if the other one is open. Cat's logic, I guess.
Tretel is occupying the cat's bed next to my screens- still a pretty boy and still bat shit lazy. I took away his Slim Ball and he started pouting instantly. I love his love for the ball but seriously... if he kicks it constantly against my computer as if that'd make Dreamies apaer inside out of nowhere it's annoying. He doesn't understand the problem.
If you have a cat who tends to inhale food: Try the ball.
I only use the SlimCat for Tretel's Dreamies since he has a pretty unhealthy obsession with these but if your cat's crazy about kibbles and won't stop eating till it comes backwards: Try the ball. Really! It costs less than having to deal with the medical problems of a totally overweight cat and is easy to clean.
I tried different systems and boards but the ball's still the best and he's entertained for around 30 minutes and keeps moving around if I set the ball to the hardest level (lot of rolling around).

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Zeitwolf said...

aw, I wants to fluff teh trödel again X3