The day I buried my computer...

It's SO EFFIN HOT. Gods... thankfully the cats are happy with a plastic bag although it tends to be kinda annyoing if you have to concentrate with "kr schkrschkr" all the time.
Plastic bag dilberately destroyed. Goal achieved.

I spend the whole day rescueing/saving my old files... I didn't think it would take that long but well...

Hilarious slippers. I would never wear those outside but for "Cat wants to chew on your toes"-protection those are fine... It can't get any uglier though. And I realized that I am as pale as a corpse. No intention to melt in the sun though... 42° are not funny anymore.

Treadle likes those as well. I never had a cat with such a huge shoe fetisch.

Treadle: "They suit me, don't they?"
Anne: "..."

And: The evil package of doom (doom means= because of you I'm literally broke, you.. you... arf!). Computer is not back up... hope I can get everything done tomorrow :(
It sucks a lot.

PS. If you ever consider buying the suite, buy the englisch version. The german costs 1500 Euro more. Can anybody explain why anybody should pay 200% of the normal price?! I don't get it.

Yesterday I got bad news for my current job. Which leads me back to my project. If something isn't working out the way you want it, skip it and do what you *can* do. I am still angry though... spend so much time on something that will never be finished. Well, at least it taught me a lesson. Never to late to learn something, right?


Zeitwolf said...

:( :( :( Katzen! :3 :( :( :(

artflower said...

OMG die Schuhe sind total cool *.* XD

Ich hab CS5 zum Gottes Glück noch grad so mit Studentenrabatt bekommen -.- Das ist echt zu teuer alles.

Anna said...

Hi Anne, Just been reading your blog since last night and really enjoyed it. You have a great talent and amazing taste for colours.
How IS the new CS5 suite by the way?