250 km

Hantje found a new place to sit, play, nerve and sleep: Right on my desk. What is really irritating is that she loves the mouse arrow which makes it kinda impossible to work since you have your whole screen "pawed" by her.
Yesterday Ty and me visited my family -celebrating two birthsdays- and we drove right into a thunderstorm. It's been a long time since I was in the middle of such a thunderstorm. Partially the streets went down under and although it was fun to drive through the puddles of water it made a little mess in our time-table. Oh well...
Gucci... Hantje and Tretel's half-brother. He is SO HUGE. When we first saw him we both went like "omg, that's not a cat!". I have no idea if he grew a lot or we aren't used to huge cats anymore but we both pray that ours won't get that big. He's a meanie btw.
Sunflowers in my parent's garden. I love that garden, it's so unbelievable huge....
Wine- still green. That one grew in the garden when I was a baby as well. I have no idea how old the plants are but the wine is sugar-sweet in autumn (one reason for regular visits... hehe).
my father's passion for wood... it's just a detail shot since I didn't manage to get the whole thing on a photo without stumbling right into the raspberries.
Oh YUMMY! I love tomatos. Thanks god my parents still think we pratically starve in Berlin and lavish vegetables and fruits on us every time we visit. :D
Getting closer to Berlin again. I stood up at 06:30 and was back home at 02:something.... So tired. We slept longer than expected but fresh air from out of town makes me always tired.


Zeitwolf said...

Hanni looks not at all like Gucci! Maybe this is like disney where you can see who's the bad guy in the first moment you see him

jeannette said...

Lived in Berlin for one year, and have never forgotten it - very special atmosphere in that city!