Hantje and Scouts

Finally I got the new "Mittendrin" magazine (it's for scouts ;) )
First time I was asked to do the cover and it won't be the last. I just hope my illustration will get better. I am happy with the result but I see my mistakes and think "dang..."

I like the red head the most.... she has cute freckles... O_O Can't draw those that often.
The dragon is totally in need of a brace..... and a diet.

Shortstory illustration for "Midir".
And Hantje again for the cute happy end. She looks like she's smeared lipstick on. Actually it's just her pink mouth... in real life it looks like cute piggy pink.


Adelaida said...

Illustration to a short story looks great :)

jeannette said...

Hey, it's good I don't see your mistakes:) You'll get better...don't worry!